As I was walking my dog along the beach path in San Clemente today… I stopped to watch the surfers. It is truly amazing to me to watch them jump, twist, twirl – in the water- and on a moving surfboard!
As I watched, I thought – this is like compliance! We are always strategizing our moves, learning new regulations and teaching our providers how to swim (stay alive!)
Compliance is an ocean of rules - but we all can learn to surf with lessons and education. For most of us it will be bumpy. And ..ultimately -  the compliance professional is also the lifeguard throwing out a life line of new CPT codes, ICD 10 codes, Modifier Use… as well as trying to translate regulations into understandable and useful information. We will fall and get wet - but it is all about getting back up again! Compliance, Medical Coding and Billing is fun... we just need to watch the waves-

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