Anti-Fraud? Also called Effective Compliance!

Healthcare Compliance is the Anti- Fraud "arm" in the healthcare industry. I will present a 4 hour Work Shop (Webinar) for AAPC (6 CEUs) that discusses the PPACA mandate that requires all providers that bill Federal or State payers to have a Compliance Plan in place that includes a Compliance Point of Contact (i.e. Officer.) PPACA made this a "Condition for Participation" with CMS. Although this was mandated in March 2010... it has not yet been "proactively" enforced. Daily we read of providers and healthcare entities that are being fined millions for non-compliance issues (Fraud!) The fines, settlements, CIA's and... imprisonment are currently the "enforcement." An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of fines (or prison time!) But most of all... Healthcare Compliance can save patient lives- as discussed in my August 10 workshop. Compliance is not just about money!
Compliance plans should be unique for every office setting and is not difficult to design - nor expensive. There are many free resources available to medical offices and healthcare providers as well as several training programs in various associations that will assist with training your compliance staff. Please share this information with your contacts if you think this could benefit others!
Hope you can join me in learning more about Healthcare "Anti Fraud" techniques - called Compliance!

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