Healthcare Compliance Publications And Presentations

Presentations / Publications

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, 29th Global Conference, Forensic Medical Coding and Billing, 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada

-Urgent Care Association Annual Conference, Design a Unique Compliance Plan for Your Urgent Care Office, 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada

-International Association of Financial Crime Investigators, Southern Chapter, Annual Fraud Training 2018, Healthcare Fraud Update and Forensic Analysis of a CMS 1500 Claim, 2018, Downy, California

-American Academy of Professional Coders, 2018 National Convention, Healthcare Fraud and Compliance Update- Strategies to Prevent Fraud, 2018, Orlando, Florida

- 28th Global Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Conference- Nashville, TN. (ACFE), 2017, Is Your Organization at Risk Under the False Claims Act? 

-Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA), 2017, Whistle While You Work: Protecting Healthcare Organizations, *Full title and description found at URL:  

-Greater Orange County Health Information Association (GOCHIA), 2017, The Maze of Healthcare Compliance 

-California Health Information Association (CHIA), 2017, The Compliance Puzzle- Assembling the Pieces (5 hour CEU)

-Claims Litigation Management (CLM) Midwest Conference, 2016 , Panel Discussion - Whistle While You Work (Co Panel Presenters include Anthony Pacheco, JD; Christine Zack, JD and Linda Taetz, CHC)

 -Dorothy Marie Lowry Distinguished Guest Lectures, 2016, Medical Technology and Insurance Fraud

-AAPC National Conference / Presentation, 2015, The Affordable Care Act and Compliance : What Does This Mean for You?

- Integrated Healthcare, 2015, Monetizing Wellness,

- AAPC , 2015, Plan for Compliance,

- AAFP , 2013, Transitional Care Management Services – New Codes, New Requirements (Authors are J. Bloink and Dr. K. Adler),

- AZ Medicine - ArMA , 2013, The Affordable Care Act and Compliance

- AAPC , 2012, Create Order from Wellness Visit Chaos,

-Orange County Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (OC-ACFE), 2016, Healthcare Fraud and Ethics (2 hour CEU)

- Arizona Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (AZ-ACFE) Holiday Conference, 2015,  Healthcare Fraud in Tucson

-Southern Arizona Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (S. AZ-ACFE), 2015 (and Los Angeles ACFE Chapter), Healthcare Fraud

- Coalition Against Insurance FraudAnnual Conference, 2014Healthcare Fraud

- HCCA National Conference / Presentation ,2014, Coaching Compliance: Connecting the Dots When Problems Arise,

- American College of Physicians , 2014, New CPT / HCPCS Codes: Good for the Patient and the Provider

- HCCA National Clinical Conference / Presentation ,2012, Improving Compliance with Service and Quality,

- HCCA National Conference / Presentation ,2013, Design a Useable Compliance Policy for Physician Practices,

Continuing Medical Education Presentations (CME) 2012-2014
Medicare Wellness Visits
Incident - To Rules
Transition Care Management Services (TMC) Guidelines
Correct Documentation for Evaluation and Management Codes
Fraud, Waste and Abuse in Healthcare

- AAPC, 2017, Co-Author, Certified Professional Compliance Officer Curriculum

- Journal of Medical Practice Management , Volume 29, Number 3 ,2014, Design a Compliance Plan for the Medical Office

-Medical Practice Digest , 2011, Service Excellence