Healthcare Compliance Consulting Services

Healthcare Compliance, Medical Coding & Billing and Healthcare Fraud - Consultant

*Compliance Plans - Unique to your setting;

*Risk Analysis / Evaluation of the 7 Compliance Components. Is your plan/program effective?

*Medical Coding / Forensic Compliance Education - Are you using the correct codes? Ensuring that you take steps to fix what was incorrect in your recent audit? Is your compliance program effective- working? 

*Healthcare Fraud Analysis (Forensic Medical Coding / Billing) of Healthcare Claims ;

*Usual, Customary and Reasonable (UCR) estimates for medical bills;

*Litigation Research / Expert Witness in the area of Healthcare Compliance, Medical Coding,    Medical Billing and Healthcare Fraud ;

*Compliance Point of Contact for Practice or Healthcare Entity;

*CME Presentations and Conference Speaker - email me for details;

*Interim Compliance Officer services available. Assistance for building (or rebuilding) your    Compliance Program;

*1 Day Boot Camp to prepare you for the Certified Professional Compliance Officer (CPCO)- AAPC Examination - Please email me for details;